Times together that once were

Memories of youth, faded to blur


Days of past, for granted taken

Days of future, forever shaken


Chances thrown away, I curse

To never start anew, nothing worse


Regrets I shout for all to hear

Hopes I guard, their ruin, I fear


I close my eyes and see your face

Drink it in, your soul, your grace


To touch you, hold you, see you too

Your smell, your voice, your eyes shine true


A dream I dream that’s never to be

One dream plus two, alive only in me


With selfless release of love locked away

Let go… ’tis yesterday, some may say


With arrogant self proclaimed wisdom astray

Patience, one day, others will say


But if I might, if I may


With innocent desire, child-like greed at play

Seize the day…this day I say.


Today! Today!      …this day, I say.


~ Chick Hughes


“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” ~ James Dean






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