Nookie for the Nook!  It seems the latest literary must-have material for women to innocently peruse is Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.  Filled with daringly erotic sexual content, the book is gaining attention for getting women hot, bothered, and anticipating the next big O in the trilogy threesome.  Literary lust or bust has always been a hit with women.  Allowing her repressed sexual beast to run rampant with every turn of the sexually charged page.  Igniting her inner promiscuous powerhouse.  The book’s New York Times bestseller status is confirmation of its ravenous readers’ thirst for all things forbidden.

However, a local (at least local to me) library in Brevard County, Florida has ordered a hit on the book…because of its naughty nature.  Pulling the books from the shelves, the library is “taking out” the trash that will cause impure thoughts in the untainted minds of its Floridian southern belles.

“I think they should ship them up north, where they’re more open-minded,” sneered a Florida female conservative touting her intolerance for liberal lit in the confines of a building specifically designed to house literature from all walks of life (regardless of the color of its binding).  And apparently, her position was validated by her fellow fuddy-duddies.  The book has been deemed unfit reading material for the Florida library, and therefore stripped of its shushed right-wing library privileges.  Because only liberals have sex drives.  And all liberals live in the north.

Dear closed-minded,

Liberals like the beach too.

And this one will be getting her tan on – while getting it on with Fifty Shades of Grey.

😉 Chick Hughes

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