The charming neighborhood was found, the lofty plans made.

—The home was custom designed, the old home ready to trade.

Prepared for the chaos to come, I was not.

—Armed with the patience to endure, double not.

Build it and they will come, they say.

—We did.  They came..they broke things…each day.

They built it, they did.  It’s incredible, it is.

—But with trials and stress, comes no construction bliss.

Nothing tries a marriage quite like home construction, I hear.

—Twas a cabinet building night when this hit home, thoughts of divorce, oh so near.

Day after day, we worked into the night

—Beginning of each new cabinet bringing another petty fight

As I looked into his eyes, exhaustion running us over like a bus,

—I said, “This is it.  No more.  These cabinets may just break us.”

This was the peak, the height of tension, but not the end.

—There was more to come, more careless screw ups, more patience to test, to bend.

How could there be so much to go wrong, to oversee

—so called professionals, better off with a drunk chimpanzee

As completion grew near, stress ballooned and mounted.

—Days until the end, I hopelessly counted.

Babysitting grown men became my full time job,

—Dodging bullshit promises, every day, I sob

The language of construction, it would seem, is one I don’t speak

—Conscious lies rolling off the tongue, “Tomorrow.”  “Next week.”

The move-in promise dates that come and go,

—The “expert” trades, not much more than I, they know.

With all of the stress, the work, the tears

—Finally moved in, time for wine and cheers.

The day did come.  Our home, the 2 year long plan, became.

—We’re in! We didn’t kill each other.  But the cabinets, they mock and call us by name.

Not our given names…For those, the cabinets never did hear

—Late at night, when it’s quiet, my kitchen whispers “F*ck,” “Hold this!” and “I need a damn beer.”


Disclaimer: Our home is fantastic.  We love it and feel very fortunate to have it!

-Chick Hughes


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