I was asked to write a letter about my daughter to be presented to her class.  After receiving star student status, this is the norm in her school.  So I,  of course, took it and ran.  🙂






There is a girl, who in all the land

Or, living at the beach, should I say…sand

Can make me smile, love, and laugh without end

Who never meets a stranger, always a new friend

This girl, six years ago, I chose to be mine one tearful morning in May

Little did I know, she would own my heart for forever and a day

As she has grown, so have her loving heart and the curls upon her head

With which, she will someday rule a lucky boy’s heart, this day I dread

The most independent, free spirit I know

From her, I’ve learned we know not where life will go

The best things in life come, she has taught me so

When we open our hearts…and just let go

Her creativity, an unstoppable force, a limitless sky

She draws, builds, and invents…all in her mind’s eye

Her light-hearted humor, no one can match

Her contagious spirit, her laugh…we chase in hopes to catch

This girl, into my heart, she came

Each day an adventure, no two the same

Those curls, that smile, her infectious humor…bring her instant fame

To those who know her, the owner of my heart, Kya Anna Hughes is her name.


~ Chick Hughes




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