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“She Is We” is published here: Lets Get Mentally Fit

Lets Get Mentally Fit is a nonprofit organization, created by Kela Price, dedicated to empowering people to make mental fitness lifestyle changes that will enhance their quality of life. Kela has spent many years donating her time and attention to the mental well-being of others, and I am honored and grateful to be a contributor for her cause.

~Chick Hughes

“Divorce, Remarriage, and Sex Talk with Chick Hughes”

“It’s official, Chick Hughes is my new girl crush. The new, as talk show host, Wendy Williams would say, “friend in my head.” I have been perusing her blog for quite some time now and was honored to have her grace the virtual pages of Today’s Modern Family when she wrote, “His No Drama Mama” for us.  She’s not only informative, but her combination of wit with just a hint of sarcasm keeps you plugged in and coming back for more. I like the way this chick – no pun intended – thinks! Check out my interview with her as we talk about divorce, (re)marriage and sex!” ~ Today’s Modern Family

To read the interview, go to  “Divorce, remarriage, and Sex Talk with Chick Hughes”

Thanks Today’s Modern Family (Kela) for this wonderful opportunity!

Chick Hughes