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Modern day Cupid has gone geek.  And geek is chic.  As a texting techie, you have the hottest trend in flirting right in the palm of your hand.  Your cell phone, your lifeline, your communication mecca.  From “Hi” to “Ttyl”… you text to share the latest gossip with your BFF, to explain why you’re running late for work, when you can’t remember whether you’re supposed to buy wheat bread or Shedd’s Spread, and, well…just because you can.  But your communication mecca is good for more than just chore chatting and gossip gathering.  It can be your secret weapon in an otherwise daunting world of dating – used to drive him mad with flirty suggestive messages.  Turning that lifeline into a lustline.  An always on-call hard juiced up love tool fitting snugly in your hand ready to rise to your every whim.  With a little imagination and a quick “send,” you can relay your most intimate forbidden thoughts instantaneously, heighten your dating experience, and keep him begging for more.   Read more…


~ Contribution to a dating/relationship website


I am available for freelance writing/copywriting.

* Blog posts

* Websites

* Brochures

* Emails

* Speeches


Whether you need professional advertising with an edge or a simple blog post to jazz up your small business, the power of words can make or break you.  Witty informative writing is key in winning the attention, the affection, and the business of your target audience.


~ Writing for fun.

~ Writing for creativity.

~ Writing for you.

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